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TMB - 821Turning Machine for Inside, Outside and Side Turning of Bangle and Ring.

This is a table top compact portable uniquely designed machine, works on the principle of lathe, ideally suitable for all type of inner, outer, side, concave & convex turning, chamfering, polishing and lining, etc.

  • Micromatic screw for varying the radius.
  • ‘X'-Axis is provided with individual stoppers and locking device for mass production and safety.
  • Clamping and declamping of bangle and ring varies within fraction of seconds.
  • Mirror finish on work piece with a feather touch of simple diamond tool (No fancy tools required).
  • Outer turning of bangle and ring is possible with the same collets of faceting and milling machine.
  • True chuck fixture for lathe type of work can be supplied on request.
  • Ideal for medium and large scale jewelry industries.

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