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TSP - 821Turning Machine for Inside, Outside and Side Turning of Bangle and Ring with Variable Programmable Speed Controller.

Especially designed compact table top portable machine works on the principle of lathe machine with variable speed suitable for straight and eccentric millgrain work on Wedding Bands. Besides, all type of inner, outer, side, concave and convex turning, chamfering, polishing and lining, channel setting, prong cutting, etc.

  • Micromatic screw for varying the radius.
  • Both 'X' and 'Y' axis are provided with identical stoppers and locking device for mass production and safety.
  • Clamping and declamping of bangle and ring varies within fraction of seconds.
  • Mirror finish on work piece with a feather touch of simple diamond tool (No fancy tools required).
  • Tapering of rings on both sides with a special tool holder and special taper turning device.
  • Outer turning of bangle and ring is possible with the same collets of faceting and milling machine.
  • Millgrain tool holder is provided for knurling bangle and ring.
  • True chuck fixture for lathe type of work can be supplied on request.
  • Triangle, square, oval, turning device for inner and outer turning, flat, concave, convex, channel and millgrain on wedding bands.
  • An effective “Auto-Electro Brake System” which stop spindle instantly (Optional accessory).
  • Ideal for medium and large scale jewelry industries.

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